Carry Your Cinema Everywhere You Go!
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Grab Your Popcorns
There is always something for you. Why bother about monthly subscriptions when you can pay per movie and get exactly what you need?
Travel With Your Cinema
Whether at home, in the beach, office, classroom or even inside the toile… (don’t say that!), your cinema is always with you.
Great Entertainment
Thousands of blockbusters and originals from the world’s best producers you won't find anywhere else.
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Data Saver
We understand data could be big budget for some of us and our videos are optimized to make sure they consume the minimum.
Watch Everywhere
You can stream Qiriwe on your web, android and iOS devices.
  • Chromecast
  • AppleTV
  • Chrome OS
  • MacOS
  • Windows PC
Mobile & Tablet
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
Watch thousands of movies and series on all your devices! You can Pay As You Go or rent. .
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